How To Get To The Top of The 1st Page In Google Search. For Only $100!
A Top of Page 1 (pos 1-3) Google Ranking on any competitive keyword for your business.
We'll show proof of ranking Within 48 hours.
Transform internet shoppers for your professional services into cash paying customers.
The opportunity to continue using our services on a full time basis after we've proven our formula.
Pay after we get you new clients.
Results In Advance.
How To Get To The Top of The 1st Page In Google.
For Only $100!
Hello, My name is Kenneth Ford, and I am the Co-Founder of MIMMCO. In Return for You Checking out our Video, I am going to put Your Website On the Top Of The First Page In Google, For $100 bucks.
Attention Business Owners:

We've unlocked Google's secret Search marketing formula, And we're ready to share it with you!!

Are you Tired Of laying out thousands of dollars of your hard earned cash, on Internet Marketing Services Without ever getting any verifiable Return On your Investment?

At MIMMCO, We Use over 35 different strategies to send targeted traffic to your website.

We're going to use just one of those 35 methods, to get your website to the very top of the first page of Google. And we'll do it in 48 hours or less.

And then once we get visitors to you there, we'll convert those visitors into new prospects for your business.

We implement measurable internet marketing campaigns, guaranteed to generate a minimum of 10X ROI (return on investment).

Or we market for you without charging a fee (FREE) until we reach those goals.

Bottom Line is, you don't have to accept poor (or immeasurable) results from your Internet marketing campaigns.

Whether you have page one rankings on Google or not, you get solicited by “experts” and “Google Partners” everyday.

Each with another offer to skyrocket your internet marketing results.

Email marketing, video marketing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Blogger, Search engine optimization, mobile marketing, blogging, content marketing, social media marketing, you've heard about a thousand different ideas, from a thousand different pitchmen.

Every one of them proclaiming a partnership with Google, a hack to the loophole, and of course, the map to the gold at the end of the rainbow.

And you never know whether these 'experts” really do know what they're talking about.

Or exactly what the dollars you're investing are doing for your business.

(Or not Doing!)

Until you're suffering from serious cash flow loss out of the gaping gash that once was your company checkbook....

You may have worked with one or several of these large marketing companies trying to find a marketing solution.

And maybe it even worked out for you.

There are definitely good organizations in the marketplace.

Or, maybe (most likely), you just ended up with that gaping cash flow hole in your checkbook.

A bagful of excuses, and nothing to show for it except a pretty website. A brilliant 100s page billboard in a virtual wilderness, to show for it.

You're not alone, hundreds of companies across America, just like yours have joined in the fray, trying to reach out for the holy grail, of internet search marketing domination.

Unfortunately there's only 13 spots on that first page result.

And only the 1st 5 get any real attention from googlers.

We have discovered the key to unlocking the power of Google, the #1 search engine on planet earth.

And for $100, we'll produce a Top of the 1st page search result for your website, no matter how tough the competition in your market might be.

We're Going to choose (with you) a competitive commercial keyword phrase in your local market.

Then we're going to land your site on the top of the 1st page of google Search results for that term.

Within 48 hours of starting your Google campaign with us.

We'll demonstrate proof of repeated impressions in the 1st 3 positions on Google for your Keyword phrase.

And we'll do it lightning fast and repeatedly.

Because we believe in maintaining an ethical practice, We're only going to Deliver our services to ONE Company (Business Category) in Your Local Market.

And we're offering this package to each and every company in your market, that is not currently dominating the search results.

We'll Level the playing field for any firm in your market who is ready to make their play for google domination.

It really doesn't matter whether you have ranking on the search engines or not.

Because we can take even a brand new web page, before it has a single visitor and drop it right on the top of the Google Search results in your local marketplace.

(Or Nationally if that is your preference.)

In fact we'll count on taking a brand new page inside your site, to the top of Google Search results as a part of the test.

Then, if you decide not to continue working with our firm, you can keep the landing page (and funnel) for free.

We'll make sure you're visible at the very top of Google. And if you decide to continue working with us, we'll show you how to turn the visitors that come to your website from the search engines into brand new customers. Something that we know is unique in our business.
Here's What you're going to get for your tiny investment of $100.
  • A Top of Page 1 (pos 1-3) Google Ranking on any competitive keyword for your business. So your business is visible to everyone searching and in need of your goods or services.
  • We'll show proof of ranking Within 48 hours. So you can see that we deliver what we promise, before you invest any real money in our services.
  • Transform internet shoppers for your goods or services into cash paying customers. From the first moment we start your campaign. So you can collect prospect information and communicate with your new prospects after initial contact.
  • The opportunity to continue using our services on a full time basis after we've proven our formula.
  • So you can have the opportunity to continue taking advantage of an endless, predictable stream of prospective new customers. Using our proven customer acquisition methodology.
  • Once you decide to work with us on a monthly basis, we won't charge you a fee until we've proven results to you. Pay after we get you new clients. So you'll know you're investing wisely.
  • We'll produce results for your business, new revenue opportunities, before we produce an invoice addressed to your business. So you can feel comfortable, that the strategy we advise using, is going to work.
Go ahead and Click the “Top of Page One Ranking” button below and give us your information on our checkout page, and we'll start working on your page one project.

There's no risk to you, other than the $100 you invest in the project. That $100 is non refundable.

Just like the thousands you've already spent on “SEO”, Mobile Marketing, social media marketing, and all those other “great ideas” your friends and local ad reps have been hustling to you..

Once we prove your rankings, and you receive the first of many new prospects for your company, you can decide whether you'd like to continue working with us.

Or say thanks for the demonstration, we'll catch ya on the flip side.

But we're sure that when you see that potential endless stream of new business flowing into your reception desk, you're not going to want to give your competition the chance to take this opportunity away from you.
The reason that we're making this offer is simple.
There are a ton of internet marketing firms online today, many of whom are really not providing great service for their clients.

You've seen these “specialty marketing' firms cropping up all over the landscape, many of them are offshoots of a single commodity concept.

Who then expanded into an internet marketing services sales organization.

They started with web design, or Video marketing, and then hired a sales force and expanded their menu of offers well beyond the internal competency of their delivery capability.

In other words, in spite of good intention, the delivery of their service simply sucks.

And they end up putting all their focus on sales, so that their new sales can outpace their horrible retention rate.

You may have gone through more than one marketing company in your business history.

So we thought we'd give you the rare opportunity to work with a known entity.
Exclusive Offer
We're not for everybody, and we don't want to be.Because we're small and flexible, and we aren't going to force growth beyond our capacity to provide excellent service to each and every client.

That translates to a measured growth of our business across the country.

And that could translate to you having to wait for a spot to open, so that you can take advantage of our groundbreaking marketing strategies.
And, we can't keep you on the top of Google indefinitely for $100.
Not Using the Google adwords strategy that we are going to use to quickly prove your sites visibility.

You're eventually going to have to fund the effort. Or leave all the internet business for your competition.

We can lead you to the water...But you Know we can't make you drink...

If you want to stay on top of Google for more than a day or two, you're going to have to make a decision to continue using our marketing services.

Or not. And if not, no big deal, you get to keep our landing page, designed specifically to generate leads for you, for free.

Then you can use it in any manner you like.

And we'll continue to look for the company in your area, that's ready to rock and ride the top of Google search to the top of your local market.

If you Decide to move forward withhold our management fee until we actually start putting prospective clients into your prospect pipeline.
Results In Advance
So you don't have to risk any money beyond what it costs to get the traffic to your website. If you decide you'd rather not have the additional 8 – 108 phone calls a day we can generate with a modest marketing budget.

You'll know where you stand at any given moment.

We'll bill you after we initiate an endless stream of prospective clients to your website.

To the lead and welcome pages we create for your campaign.

We are completely transparent in our work flow and statistical monitoring.

We'll give you the keys to the back end of your campaigns. And take you into our dashboard where we'll demonstrate a completely blueprinted success plan for your internet marketing campaigns.

We'll get you results in advance, Before you've invested any real dollars into your campaigns.

And Then, We Guarantee that if you follow our recommendations, you will get a minimum of 10X (ROI) your investment in a time frame suitable to the marketing method that you've chosen.

We don't just think guaranteeing you results is a good idea, we think that its essential in our industry.

And most companies straight up don't have the cojones to take the challenge of guaranteeing results. We Do. Big Brass ones.

If we don't reach your ROI goals by our agreed upon deadline, we'll continue your marketing effort for FREE.

Until we have in fact reached your Return on Investment goals (ROI Goals).

If I sat at a table with you and gave you $10 for every $1 you gave me, how many times would you want to make that trade?

No Excuses. Just results.

Our strategies have already been proven under fire in competitive commercial markets.

We have a roster of satisfied clients, one of whom is Brown and Brown Attorneys at Law, in St. Louis, MO.
Dan Brown, Managing Partner of Brown and Brown Attorneys at Law, had this to say about MIMMCO:
“We spent a lot of money over the past few years trying to gain an advantage using internet marketing.” “We dedicated significant funds to the effort. The MIMMCO team came to our firm with rapidly implemented solutions.” “They produce measurable results, and I'm happy that I made the change to a more responsive marketing firm.” “They have produced results for us on a daily basis since the first days of our Google campaign.” “We have been receiving 11 – 15 phone calls every day as a direct result of the online campaigns MIMMCO created and manages for us.”
Dan BrownBrown & Brown Attorneys AT Law
So it may make sense to take us up on the chance to dominate your market.

(Before your competition decides to.)

Click on the “Top of Page One Ranking” button below, and put your information into our new customer form.

And we'll get started on your custom google project right away, and get you “Top of Page One Rankings” for your business.

We know the value of NEW customers for your business, and we're going to blaze a trail to the top of Google to get them for you.

And we'll capture data on every new visitor that comes to your website.

Whether they opt in to your web form, or not!

You'd better make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity to create measurable internet marketing campaigns.

We're only taking one business in each category in each city in which we're working.
Limited Offer Availability
We're only going to be able to work with 5 new clients in any month. So this video is not going to be available in your area for an extended period of time.

Act now and claim your position at the top of the 1st page of Google search, before your competition gets it.
Results in advance
No Fee until you have results. MIMMCO is taking on all the risk, once a paid campaign is begun.

We guarantee a 10X ROI, on time, or we continue working on your campaign. until your results come in. At no additional charge.

There's no reason not to take us up on our offer. Go on and hit the “Top of Page One Ranking” button below and get started dominating your local market today!

This is Kenneth Ford, I am the Co-founder of MIMMCO, and I want to thank you for taking a look at our offer, I am Signing Out For Now!

Kenneth Ford
Senior Partner, MIMMCO
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